Natural cosmetics - Vesna Laboratories

¡Hola Belleza !!
Today I want to tell you about a product from feminine cosmetics brand labs vesna For those who do not know this company Vesna Laboratories, is a manufacturer and importer of health products and cosmetics.
Who is behind this brand of feminine cosmetics?

It is a company with 100% Spanish capital that was born in 2012 by two young entrepreneurs, who after extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector, decided to found their own company with the commitment to satisfy their customers with a different way to the one used by the big multinationals.

Their philosophy is simple; each client counts and each one is different. This business idea therefore does not work with rigid and standardized business plans. For them, each client is different and their goal is always to flex and adapt to their specific needs.

The cream I'm using from Vesna Laboratories is a intensive face bleaching cream with SPF15 . It is a treatment for skins with irregular pigmentation, freckles, spots caused by age, sunspots and hormonal.
Cream brightens the complexion, improves color and slows intensive pigmentation. The regular application of this cream decreases the size and intensity of the spots, it also removes the shine of the skin, smoothes it, moisturizes it and protects it from the harmful activity of external factors.
intensive bleaching cream for spots
My opinion about this depigmenting cream: I think I can tell you something about facebook that I am silly and burn my nose in the most stupid way possible ... I'll tell you the story another day so you do not do the same as me.
The fact is that when I burn my nose I have a horrible stain that did not go away with anything ... but for my luck I found this cream that is quite clear to me! I can barely notice it but I will keep using it until there is absolutely no trace of the stain.
bleacher labs vesna cream

They also sent me 3 samples of cream moisturizing that with an envelope they give for a lot and it smells wonderful, it is one of the best that I have tasted and with that smell so good it makes you want to eat it.